About Us

GCA, with its capabilities in corporate credit and performance-driven culture, has been offering credit focused strategies since 2008. The team leverages several key attributes to form the investment process, drive performance and deliver client service as an investment partner.


    • Steven Hornstein, Founder and Chief Investment Officer, has a long tenure of high yield investing and trading expertise which has been developed over 30+ years in the industry.
    • Mr. Hornstein leads an investment team with experience in research, investing and trading through various credit cycles.
    • Through its expertise, the team's goal is to take advantage of single name mispricings and market technicals.

Actively Managed Strategy

  • GCA’s corporate credit strategies focus on high yield, investment grade and distressed opportunities primarily in the U.S. market.
  • The investments are actively managed and traded, and consist primarily of high yield and investment grade bonds, credit default swaps, bank loans and distressed debt.
  • GCA actively trades around positions, seeking favorable risk-adjusted opportunities within a capital structure.

Risk Management

  • The team’s risk philosophy is supported by a risk management framework designed for active monitoring and risk oversight.
  • The risk framework is designed to identify, quantify, monitor and manage liquidity and position risks.
  • Risk management oversight and firm infrastructure create aligned interests between team members and investors.